Users can''t see other ones


I connect A and after i connect B (by Jeti client).

But in jeti applet, A doen’‘t see B and B doesn’'t see A.

However, A et B appear online on wildfire interface.

I explained the problem in the jeti forum.

Here is their response:

“You need to enable the shared roster feature somewhere in the wildfire server”

Can you tell me what i have to do please?

Other question:

I’'d like to register users in group “male” or female" but it seems to be impossible.

I’'m using the pluging registration (page jsp) to register all users.

Best regards



I suppose the users can’‘t see each others because they did not “subscribe” to each others. That’‘s how Jabber works: if a user A doesn’‘t allow user B to “view” him, B won’'t see A.

You can create shared roster in user summary/create new group.