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Users changing AD password, can no longer log in to Spark

Hello. We are using Spark version Our OpenFire server authenticates users with LDAP. In the spark.properties file, we have autoLoginEnabled = True and startHidden = True. When a user changes their AD password, Spark will not auto-login, which is expected since the user needs to update their saved password. The problem is that the Spark login window has the username and password fields greyed out and locked. In order to work around this issue, I have to edit the spark.properties file, and turn those two properties to false, though I suspect simply setting autoLoginEnabled=false would probably be the only necessary change. The autologin capability is very handy for us, and I would like to continue to use it, but having to use this workaround is a headache I am hoping could be addressed.

Thank You!


Additional Comments:

Can anyone using SSO comment on how well that works? Perhaps that is a better way to achieve what I am looking for, which is basically for Spark to launch at network logon without the need for the user to enter anything in or press login.

Based on your desire for Spark to auto launch/login, SSO is the way to go. However, configuring SSO with AD is definitely non-trivial. I just spent the better part of a day getting it working. When a domain user with proper access to the domain controller attempts to connect, no password is necessary.

Mac users not authenticated to your domain will still need to use a password. External users will also still need to use a password.

If you want to go down the SSO road, I’d recommend the document linked in this thread Re: desperately trying to get Windows SSO working with win2k8r2 and Win7. It was by far the best document. Feel free to PM me if you want me details on my experience getting SSO with AD working.