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User's displayed name

We want to configure our user accounts to use a concatenation of fields for the displayed name in a roster. For instance, we want to take the user’s name “Bob Smith” and concatenate it with another field; in particular, their phone extension. x1111. We would like for them to show up in everyone’s “Buddy List” as “Bob Smith x1111”. Is there any way of doing this without dirtying the data in the “Name” field?

I have not been able to get multifields to be used as the display name. I do not think it is possible.

Hmm, thanks for the input. Hopefully someone else out there has had more luck in figuring this one out? Seems a simple enough issue.

It is simple idea not easily implemented in the coding of the current product. The display name field is a mapping query that looks for data from a single container. That is the nature of LDAP mapping.

Are you using LDAP?

Actually, we’re running two separate instances right now for testing purposes. Our “live” server is using LDAP, but our test instance is not. Ideally, we’d be using LDAP in our final deployment though it’s not written in stone.

Non-LDAP installs can have anything as the display name it is dependent on the what people enter for their information for their profile. But you would have no control.

I might be mistaken here but I believe your display name in webchat gets pulled from the nickname field which is set in the “profile” of the spark clients. Unfourtunetly the nickname field can’t be set on openfire. It can only be set in the “profile” of the spark clients. I would recomend having your end users set the nickname field on there spark profile them selfs in order to achieve what your looking for. Hope that helps.