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Users/groups HTTP ERROR 500 only when clustering enabled

Some users encountered this error while enabling clustering. I guess the previous issue report isn’t created in correct place. So, I’m reporting it in OpenFire Dev again.

users/groups HTTP ERROR 500 only when clustering enabled

Here are some more information about the issue.

I was using openfire 4.0.3 in docker. And the error 500 occurred occasionally. Which means after the occurred, the issue would always be there, unless I restarted the whole cluster. Looked like a race condition issue.

I looked into the code of openfire. It seems that openfire will replace the standard cache with a clustered cache after the node has successfully joined a cluster.

So, is it possible that the cache isn’t replaced somehow, or some part of code still hold a reference to the old standard cache?

I also tried v4.0.1, the same issue occurred too.

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Is it possible that the node has left the cluster? I remember that I can see two nodes in the clustering configuration page.

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