Users not going offline

I have started using openfire 3.7.0 for a new application I am working on. In my case I have a 2000+ users subscribed to the application. The issue is that 9 users are always online and has active sessions. Verified and found that these users are offline but the status in openfire server is always online. The offline status of other users are updated correctly to offline if user logs out or there has been no requests from client for the wait time specified.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Are you using BOSH to connect with Openfire?

Yes. I am using BOSH to connect with Openfire using strophe library.

I have the same issue. It seems to be a bug. Openfire is unable to detect when the connection terminates without sending an unavailable presence when using BOSH.

I can’t find any bug related to this behavior. How can I report this bug?

Restarting openfire server fixed this issue for me. On restarting all sessions in Closed status were terminated. The presence is correctly shown now.

The users go offline when restart but it does not solve the problem. The problem will occur again. Restart Openfire everytime some user remais online after the connection is closed is not a solution.