Users not showing up on the server


I have added user to a group in the database using the jiveGroupUser …however, that person is not shown as the member on Server Admin Page…Do I have to add the person in some other table too for the person to become a member of the group.

Any help will be appreciated.



did you edit the database directly, maybe while Wifi was running? Then it may take 6 hours until the information will be read.


Hi LG,

Yes, I edited the database while running the Wildfire Server…When I add the person in jiveUser it shows up in the user information instantly …But even though I have added the person into group using JiveGroupUser…They don’'t show up as a member of that group or just as user on the spark list.

I have to restart the Wildfire Server and then I can see the users as members of the group after that.

I am just trying to figure out if there is some other table I need to update so that the user shows up as a member of the group on the group summary page.




I am updating the database externally by adding people to the jiveGroupUSer table…However, I don’'t see them as members in the admin consoles unless i restart WiFi…Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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