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Users not showing up

I’‘ve added some new users to our Wildfire/Spark system and some of them are not appearing online. Some Spark users can see the “missing” users, and otehrs can’'t.

Any idea why a user wouldn’'t show up in the offline list, or when they are logged in to some Spark clients, but not others?

Hi Eric,

I have an idea but you may not like it. It could be a problem with the database content.

I have somewhere a database dump with a user which is never shown online and which can not receive any messages. I didn’‘t find the time to investigate this further, maybe in your case it is only a “subscribe” problem, that one is subscribed to the other and not vica versa, don’'t know if this can actually happen.


I really don’'t understand exactly what you are saying. What do you mean by subscribing?

I don’'t allow users to register themselves. They have all been created through the web interface.

Hi Eric,

so you can’'t have a subscribe problem. It may be the content in the database or a Wifi problem. If you did experience some OutOfMemory errors in Wifi this could happen, so a restart would solve it. I assume that you did already try one and so I have currently no more ideas.


Yep, I have restarted the Wildfire server a couple of times. Didn’'t make a difference.

Hi Eric,

and now you get a magic vcard error, so my idea that your database contains some corrupted entries could be true.

Does your database log some errors like corrupt tablespace or other errors?

Has your database filesystem enough free space and is also clean / checked?


Maybe so. I’‘m attempting to uninstall Wildfire and delete the DB. Then I’'ll reinstall and see what issues I have.

Hi Eric,

you don’‘t have to do both things together. As I’'m quite sure that a new installation of Wifi using the existing database does not help you you may skip this step and start directly with a new database.

Maybe you can make a backup for further analysis of the database, I also have one lying around and sent it also to Jivesoftware but as I want free support this will take a lot of time to be solved for me. I don’‘t know how many users you have, I had only 100 test accounts in the database and I’'m still scared to use it in a production system with 10,000 users.


Well, I did both anyway just to be sure, but I suspect that you are right.

I blew away the database first and then uninstalled Wildfire. Installed Wildfire again, so I had the newest version.

Imported the user list from my old DB into the new one and it seems to work fine now.

Not sure how it got messed up or corrupted, as I didn’'t do anything out the ordinary to it.