Users on line but ... it's not true!

Greetings to all, I wanted to ask why Skype continues to show me online that a user actually has disconnected. Also if there is a way to perform a manual refresh of users online. The problem stems from the fact that I still see a spark of user online although in reality the Openfire server sees it properly disconnected. Thank You

Forgive me … I meant Spark NOT Skype !

To clarify, when you look at the active sessions on Openfire Admin Console, it does not show the user as online?

If control active sessions on Openfire the information is correct and only lists the users online. Unlike Spark continues to show me a user on line when it is actually offline. If I close the program ( Spark ) and reopen it the list of users is fine. That’s why I was wondering if I can run a refresh from Spark. Thank You

You can try using the latest Spark build, maybe it will behave better ll4j/spark_2_7_0_669.exe

Problem solved. Updating the version of the client now everything is OK. Thanks and greetings