Users show twice on client rooster after migrating wildfire

Hi everybody, i had already posted my question in the spark forum (here ) but it looks more as a wildfire problem than a spark problem.

First let me congratulate and thanks all people at jivesoftware for their good job.

Second pardon me for my english since i am italian speaking. I saw someone has the same kind of problem here , but at least there is no such solution on that thread.

Third this is my problem.

We moved the wildfire application to a new server. We use embedde DB. We had wildfire 2.5.0 running on our test machine and now we use the latest version (2.6.2) (wildfire runs on win2k server os both on test and production hardware). All spark client were the latest release available (1.1.4 for windows). To move users we used the users import/export plugin. We exported the list as xml file from wildfire 2.5.0 and imported it on wildfire 2.6.2., and then recreated user’'s group by hand, assigning people to the groups they belong.

Everything seems to work fine except for this: when users are on line they are showed twice in spark’'s rooster, once in their groups, the second in the offline groups. When they are offline their nick is showed twice in offline group.

Thanks for your attention. Any suggestion?