Users Showing in wrong groups, Users showing up two or three time sin same group, on some clients but not others

I am running openfire 3.9.3 and spark 2.6.3. I have about 170 users and 20 or so groups. We recently made some changes to group organization and I have a lot of users complaining about the wrong people showing up in groups or not showing up at all. I also have duplicate entries for some users. It is not consist across all clients. Exiting Spark and coming back in does not always fix the problem either. How can i fix this?

I am not sure how vcards work but I ge tthe sense that i want to delete all the vcards from the client and have them reinstalled by the server?

Thoughts anyone?


I went into Server Manager -> Cache Summary, cleared every cache, and restarted the server. Things are clearing up I believe.