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Users with non-latin username and password can signup but not sign in


I that this is an OpenFire issue because I`ve tried several clients including spark.

Im able to create new user with non-latin username and password manually in the admin console or using spark. I can see the user name in the database users table and in the admin console but cant sign in using md5. It happens if the username and/or the password consist of non-lating characters. I`m using the latest version of OpenFire on windows XP with the latest install of MySql.

  • I`ve added jive property to the admin console: “character.encoding” with a value of “utf-8” (is this the right property name?).

  • made sure my database connection collation and my database collation encoding are utf8_bin (is this the right encoding?).

  • Added <mysql><useUnicode>true</useUnicode></mysql> to the <database> section of my openfire.xml file as instructed in the documentation.

What can I do to make it work?

XMLOutput.txt (625 Bytes)


Could you give an example of the username that you tried to signup/logon with.

An example will be:

username: ???

password: ???



a non-latin usernames should work, while passwords cause problems. JM-694 is the open issue.



I hope they are going to fix that