Users without password

Hi there,

I am new on this place, and I am really interested in the XMPP protocol. I already installed the ‘Openfire’ server, and it works like a charm. I am planning to create a chat application for my Android device. I already installed the ‘asmack’ libraries, so far so good.

My intention is to crate a application like WhatsApp, XMS Messenger etc, not for commercial, just to learn something about XMPP. I have read on many sites that hey are using this XMPP protocol to. If I am right they register you in there system with only your phone number. So I want to register users with a unique id and without password.

But when I install OpenFire I see that a user has a password and a username. Is there a possibitlity to let users use this server without password?

If I totally misunderstood the method WhatsApp, XMS Messenger etc uses, please tell me, I really want to learn something about XMPP and create this ‘simple’ application.

I hope someone can help me with this,


I’m not aware of any chat/application which uses only a unique id which is visible for every one without using a password. Do you really have a Google / ICQ / MSN / Yahoo / Facebook account without a password?