UserService won''t accept usernames with @

I’'m attempting to use the plugin UserService, but when I have a username that is an email address the xml throws an error.

I didn’‘t even realise that was possible. Won’‘t that make your JID’'s user@maildomain@servername? I figured that would be an invalid JID

I tried something similar and I couldn’'t even login…

Yes, that does seem stupid but I’‘m just trying to figure out what to do because I have an existing database of user’‘s that use their email address as their username. The admin panel let’'s me add usernames as email addresses and I can successfully log in- the UserService plugin seems to validate against the @ symbol specifically. All other symbols seem to work fine.

That means-- in order to use the plugin I have to change my users over to regular usernames or have an additional unique identifier to their existing email usernames. In addition, I’‘ll have to validate against the @ symbol in any usernames, even if it isn’'t an email address.


take a look at

I guess that you did hit a bug in the User Service Plugin as it fails to do the conversion from @ to \40 while the Openfire web GUI does it.


Thank you, i didn’'t realize the xmpp encoding is different then url encoding. When I encode the url in this manner it works.