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Using 2 NIC''s not allowing server 2 server connection

On our one server (we have two) we have two NIC’'s… If we disable the one the sever to server will work… but if both are on the server 2 server will not connect and give a lot of java errors. I tried to go into the config xml file and added the ip on the one i want it to use but once I do that the admin control panel wont load?

is there a way to do connect server 2 server with two NICs enabled.


it’'s likely a routing problem with your default route or a special route which uses the wrong interface. It may help to post your configuration (IP addresses and routing table of the server, even anonymized with addresses.).

Posting the errors which occur may also help.


Ok the server with the two NIC issues has IP addresses as follows…

1st NIC - Sub - Gateway -

2nd NIC - used for DHCP

the above address are just generalized but you get the idea…

Is there a way to change the default route? I mean it works fine when we disable the other NIC.

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which NIC do you disable to get S2s working?

Which gateway routes into the internet?

Can you post the routing table for 2nd NIC active and 2nd NIC disabled?