Using a limited number of connections for an unlimited number of accounts

in my scenario there are a bunch of users logged into an webapp and what to use jabber. my idea was to use the smack API to realize a jabber client for each of these users. but this way the number of threads/connections (including all packet readers, packet writer etc) just kills my webserver. So I’'m investigating how to reduce the number of connections and package handler. my idea war to multiplex several connections via just one (or at least a limited number) of socket-connections to the (openfire) server.

I took a look at the connection manager-module and was thinking about extending the smack API to use this technique. This way one can choose to use a “managed connection” if available or use a “direct connection” otherwise. I think this would be a great benefit for the Smack API, extending it for use in large web-based projects.

The question is: is anyone else interested in this project? Or is someone working on a similar idea already? Or maybe someone has a better idea/ solution for my problem?