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Using Active Directory with Spark


We use active directory (2003) with Spark. Is htere a way to add a group of contacts (defined within AD) in one shot instead of individual users?

For instance, I have 20 people in the “sales” group. I would like to add everyone who is a member of the sales group in one click. Is this possible, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance.



You can’t add groups of users manually in Spark (via Add contact menu). So the only option is to share groups in Openfire via Admin Console.


Thank you for thequick repsonse. Can you provide a little bit more detail as to how to share groups in Admin console?



This depends whether you get groups from AD in your Admin Console. You can go to Users/Groups and check if you see any groups. Then go to some group settings and enable Group sharing (enter the share name for a group and select to share with all users or selected groups).