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Using client certificate authentication


Reading the documentation for wildfire it looks like the server may support X509

client certificates for user authentication?

Does anyone know if this is the case and if so are there any jabber clients that support

this authentication type? The spark one does not appear to do so.

I’‘m would like to use client certificate and authentication too. How do you go about setting up wildfire so that it requires the client to identify itself via a certificate at login? I’‘m assuming that you would have to import the client’‘s certificate into wildfire’‘s truststore or keystore file but which file is the required file/store? I didn’'t see in the admin console where you could tell wildfire to turn on client authentication - could you show me where this option is please?

Once wildfire is set up for client certificate verification, which client is available to use with wildfire that supports client authentication?

Thanks in advance - Alan