Using Flex for Real Time Collaboration with Derek DeMoro

Learn about how we are using Flex for Real Time Collaboration with Derek DeMoro.

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Have you guys considered jSeamless? Since you are in fact Java developers this would be an ideal scenario so you don’t have to learn Flex and then figure out how to communicate with the Java code on the back end.

Check it out:

Does it mean the spark desktop client (3.0?) will be in Flex / AIR instead of java?

What about peer-to-peer jingle support? (without involving FMS / Red5)?

Will it be pluggable as well?


excellent questions Now I wouldn’t say that spark is going to be replaced with a Flex / AIR alternative, rather we are applying some of this new goodness to other applications we are developing. There is just too much native integration that we need that is just not available in the AIR side of things. Although, never say never