Using IM Gateway Plugin, MSN, Spark and OpenFire

I have Spark running off of OpenFire, using LDAP and it works great. I am trying to use the IM Gateway plug-in 1.2.4d - I had it set to manual registration where I would input the information for users and people are getting the error “The password you registered with is incorrect. Please re-register with the correct password”.

This actually seems to be more tied to only having one user online at a time. If the same users login to MSN publically, they sign in with their credentials without issue.

Searching the forums references updating the plug-in, but I have the most current info. I’m wondering if there is a field in the database somewhere that isn’t updating with the right password? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Announcement: IM Gateway Plugin has Moved

The IM Gateway Plugin has moved and been renamed: Kraken XMPP IM Gateway.

Please direct questions to that site as the maintainer is not actively monitoring this forum.

by @Benjamin Sherman at 2009-05-06 12.08