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Using Jingle from Smack 3.4.1

Welcome, I’m new a Smack library and I want to use a Jingle for voice and video chat. I wanted to ask whether there are examples of the use or if there is at least a good documentation. I hope it is possible, because I’m very satisfied with your XMPP and Smack library. If it is important, I’m using Openfire server and Smack 3.4.1. PS. If at all XMPP suitable for a voice / video calls. On other forums write that library Jingle from Smack is very old and has serious shortcomings. Best regards.

The jingle code is old wrt to the current specification and unmaintained. We hope that this will change in the feature. But until then, consider it beta.

It’s a shame, I was hoping that it will use the XMPP protocol for this purpose. If so do not use this extension is if there are any other libraries to support voice and video services written in Java?

There’s LibJitsi.

Thank you so much. Is there any documentation or tutorial on how to use this in conjunction with the XMPP? I have seen examples included the library but they do not use any protocol and I’m not sure how to get started.

Sorry, I can’t help here. I barely know that there is this library and that AFAIK it uses XMPP/Jingle for video/audio.

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BTW there is also java-bells: http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/50298


I worry about this library is distributed under LGPL license. I was hoping to find something under Apache 2.0 license (like Smack) or similar, because I want incorporate a library into my closed - source application. But if it is impossible to try to deal with this.

Flow and CSH, I want to thank you very much for your help.