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Using Jive as a messaging proxy

Can Jive be used as a proxy for other message protocols (Yahoo, AIM, etc)? I want to use XMPP as my corporate messager, but I want to be able to track messages to other messaging systems going in and out of the company as well. If I can route all those messagers through my Jive server, I can just keep the database of the content, and that would be ideal. So, can that be done?

Yes, AIM, MSN, ICQ and now Yahoo! are all available as gateways.

What kind of message logging are you thinking of? Audit logs?


Ideally, I’‘d like to keep the content of all IM’‘s in and out of the company - “sender” sent a message to “recipient” at this time and this is what was sent. If not that, then at least all outbound IM’'s. Is that considered an audit log?

Logging is typically system adminstrator type notifications dealing with the application warnings, severes, infos, etc. Mostly diagnostic related.

Audit logs are typically for a Policy enforcer. I.e HR wants to make sure that communication to a compititor is strictly business, no job wrangling or intellectual property smuggling. These logs become the audit trail.

Audit logs should also be signed by the generator so no one can claim they were altered. That’‘s a bit beyond this scope of what you’'re after. Depending on how you intend to use the audit logs, you may have to declare your intent to log.


Please, give a reference to the instruction, explaining how to set up WildFire as gateway to ICQ.

Or explain it just here if possible.