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Using jive Forums

Hi, I’'he installed jive forums 2.5.3 and Jive Messenger 1.0.2 and I want to know how to link the users database of Jive forums with the users databse of jive Messenger.



Currently we don’‘t support an integrated user system for Forums and Messenger (although that is in our roadmap). Of course, if you have looked at the tables for the two products I’'m sure you will see that they have been kept intentionally similar so that this is simple to do in the future.

If you can’'t wait for the integrated solution from Jive and need to integrate the two right now, you can:

  1. Modify Jive Forums to use or sync with the Messenger user table. It’'s a little bit of Java coding but the user tables should be easy to map between systems, and Jive Forums user code is designed for making this type of modification.

  2. Write database triggers/stored procedures that sync the tables when they are modified. This is highly database dependent but a very clean approach.

  3. Contact Jive for professional services and we’'ll help to implement this for you.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.