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Using LDAP users to automatically populate contact list

Hi everyone,

Great forum and support here. I’m a junior admin at my company, and need a bit of help figuring out something with OpenFire…

Currently we have an LDAP server using phpLdapAdmin. OpenFire is configured to query the LDAP server for populating the users list. Which is great, and it works.

–> goal: have the LDAP users automatically added to each other’s client’s buddy/contact list. this would remove the need to manually add users to the local group (and remove the need for local groups) when new LDAP users are created. ideally separated by group, but that can be overlooked.

However, we need a way that when, users sign into their respective jabber client (we’re an all mac environment, so we’re using Messages/iChat), they can:

  • see everyone else in the users list

  • they don’t have to authorize requests

So far, I got this to work by enabling the default.groupprovider property in System Properties in OpenFire, which allows for the creation of a local group within the OpenFire server. However, then I have to add each user to the group **manually! **Which can be a hassle when we create new LDAP accounts.

That being said, this method automatically seems to have the requests authorized, but mind you, this was with iChat/Messages. We tried to configure Adium to work with this solution, but it failed.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks