Using Multiple OU's

My current AD setup has 3 user OU’s at the root level, is there a way for me to import only those 3 OU’s and not have to import the root of Active Directory ,as that creates an account for each computer server etc… in my AD.


You could use a filter to limit the results if you use the root of your AD for the BaseDN. The other choice is create a new OU and nest the 3 current ones inside the new one. If you put the new one at the same level as the 3 current policies will not be affect in the least by the move (you will get a warning but it should be irrelavent). There may be some quirkiness until all the users logoff once, but I have never run into a problem as long as the policies applied do not change.

i’m really bad at AD filters how would i go about writing it and where do i need to run it?