Using openfire as a backend to Tibco GI / DWR

this post is slightly off topic, but i’m hoping to find someone that can give relvant data.

Here is what i’m looking at:

  1. we’re agregating data from multiple sources, and would like to be able to view any of it in realtime, and preform 2 way interaction with it

  2. we’d like to be able to know if any of our connections goes down

  3. how we visualize it needs to be very flexable

so from this the point we’re at is this, it seems using openfire and xmpp messaging as the backed, with any datasource we need to monitor connecting as a client, and their destinations being another client. use group chat channels for different types of messages.

the problems is we want to be able to use the xmpp messages to generate the in browser xml data cache in a tibco gi web app, from what i’ve read on their fourms, they don’t plan to support xmpp directly as a parser. Would it be possible to use DWR, tibco’s pagebus, or another opensource solution to convert the messages to a format tibco gi likes, without loosing the realtime feel of the app.