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Using OpenFire to send/receive sms messages using php

My provider allows me to receive and send SMS messages for my SMS Numbers using PHP. I have a receivesms.php and a sendsms.php in order to do this. I don’t have a nice interface which I can carry on a SMS conversation. I would like to know if OpenFire could be used to:

I have several DID numbers. I would like to assign each did as an user in OpenFire.

  1. Communicate using OpenFire with SMS messages.

  2. Having several DID numbers, use those as “users” so that communication between DIDs would be possible withing OpenFire as well as communicate to other SMS numbers.

  3. Keep the communications within MySQL/MariaDB.

If the above is possible, I am not a programmer, how difficult would it be to do what I want as described above?

Where would I go to get assistance in customizing OpenFire to do this?


I have another question. Can OpenFire also be a gateway to talk to other messengers like Yahoo, Google etc.?