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Using OpenFire with 3rd party web hosting

I’m new to this so bear with me This may be an utterly stupid question but I couldn’t seem to find anything on the topic:

My company uses netsol to host it’s website. Can I use OpenFire on the company’s in-house server even though there’s no web server here? If so, can it be connected to our website so other branches can use it?

Although I can not aswer your question… many of us are also new … and welcome questions like your’s …so we can all learn.

It run on any in house box you have as it uses its own web server (jetty). To allow access to it from outside sources is possible you would need to make sure you do port mapping on your router from the outside address to the internal address. You also need to make sure the dns name of the server can be resolved externally to your office. By this I mean if your office domain is intra.domain.com and your external domain is domain.com and the server has an internal name of chatserver.intra.domain.com then you need to enter that into your external dns as well. This is greatly complicated if your internal domain does not match your external domain.

I might add that this is not a theory at all. I have my server implemented in exactly this way. We have a third party host but employees in many different states accessing our server directly even though it is behind our router with a NAT address in the 10.1.x.x range. They do not need VPN or other such connections for it to work.

Wow, thanks very much! That’s exactly the answer I was hoping for. This will allow my company to have an internat IM service that is both free, and accessible to our other branches. Being XML based is also a great benefit as the owner is somewhat of a code junkie and will love playing with the customization. I can’t wait to get this going!