Using openfire with online social network

Hi all

I have an online social network with more than 500,000 users and 5,000,000

user relation ( roster record)

I want to switch my chat system to jabber based IM and openfire.

as i read in below link… ration-guide.html

I can customize the open fire to authentication with my mysql data base…but

what about rosters???

In social networks you can see user friend list…That acts as user rosters

in jabber…

I can change the client messenger to receive and list the roster or friend

list from another xml… it is possible but what about notifications…??

IF any body gets offline …open fire notifies all friends for changing online

status to offline. But if I use external friendlist…how can u do like that ??

I think open fire should solve this problem like authentication by


Can any body give me a better solution ??


you may want to look at the source code and there at the integration with Clearspace. Jivesoftware / Igniterealtime try to support this.

But it may be more easy to write a custom plugin which does:

  • manage Openfire rosters using your app as source

  • work as a spam protection (enable only messaging with users in roster)

  • notify your app when a user comes online and goes offline


Hi there

Thanks for your answer…But I don’t know java programming and the way i can

make plug-in for Open Fire…

And this is my big problem…

I think it will be a very useful plug-in ,because most social networks has

their friend list and can’t use Jabber or Open Fire.

How can I ask others to program this plug in for open fire??