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Using Pandion, cannot connect to Jive 2.2.0

I hope that someone can help me out with this problem…

I just built a small Linux box that I am running Jive messenger off of.

I successfully (I hope) hooked Jive to LDAP and can log in using my normal Windows username and password.

When I download Pandion and try to log in, it just sits there at “One moment please…” forever.

I used the debug log to extract this information as it was flowing through the pipe…


I will try to update this thread when I know more information…hopefully some genius can look this and help me figure out where I went wrong…

Hey river,

I don’'t see that the client is getting a response for the packet with id “sd4”. So it seems that Pandion is waiting for the server to return the roster of the user. Do you see any error in the log files?


– Gato

Actually, I ended up fixing it myself with a little help from another post on the forum.

What I did to fix my problem was set up a search filter in my LDAP settings block inside the XML config file.

Once I added the search filter, everyone was able to connect and chat without a problem.

I have added a link to the thread that helped me solve my problem. Hopefully it helps others as well…


Glad to hear that you have it working now.


– Gato