Using pidgin 2.5.3

Wanting to know if the name that appears after sending a message can be modified on the serverside, instead of the actual IM client side. For example when I send a message it appears like this:

When a reponse is sent to me it appears the way I would want the message being sent to appear like this:

Duane Haas

I dont have time to test with Pidgin. But i’m assuming that in the first case you are the only one seeing that full JID (username@server/resource). You have to set your display name (how pidgin is showing you to yourself) somewhere in the preferences maybe. As you are getting messages with the name (Firstname Lastname) i assume that other users are seeing you correctly as Firstname Lastname in their rosters and chat windows. This info should be pulled from a database if you have created users and groups and turned on groups sharing. Also, if they have added you to their rosters manually (using the search and add), maybe they have renamed you manually or maybe they got the Firstname Lastname combination on the Add dialog.

Thanks for the reply, I am using active directory for my users. I do have the ability to change what pidgin calls my local alias, and that will my name as my messages are being sent out on my side, the user on the other side already see just firstname lastname. I was looking @ using spark, but I dont like that it doesnt allow you search your local history, it just seems to compile whats been said.

Ok. I didnt understand you first. I dont think you can push local aliases from the server. Different clients can have different approaches setting such aliases and i think it’s strictly local operation. The same should be with the Spark. After logging in for the first time you should change your display name (alias) in Spark like in Pidgin.