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Using Red5 & sparkweb through a proxy server


I have an OpenFire v3.6.4 server running, including Red5 plugin with sparkweb.

I have configured the http-bind port to use port 80 and I have reconfigured the client connect port (normally 5222) to use port 443. TLS is disabled. This because we have a company we would like also to use our openfire server. Their configuration only allows them to use ports 80 and 443.

Internally we use a proxy server for our clients to connect, but the have also direct access through the firewall positioned between the clients and the OpenFire server.

For our internal clients all works perfectly, although in the logs of the firewall we can see that our clients are going directly to the openfire server using port 443 (formally 5222) instead of using the proxy.

This does NOT work for the company we also want to use this openfire installation because the are not allowed to use port 443 (used to be 5222) directly, it must be done using the proxy.

How can I get the port 5222 (in this case 443) to use the proxy server instead of the direct connection?

Any help would be appreciated.