Using Smack and IM Gateways

I know I’‘ve seen this somewhere in the past, but for the life of me I can’‘t find it today… can someone tell me where there’'s a “how to” guide on using Smack to programatically register with an IM gateway, download the roster, and use the contacts on the remote service? Thanks!



I don’‘t believe I’'ve ever seen such a thing.

Really?!? I could swear I saw something a few months ago. Huh.

Regardless, any advice on how someone would get started implementing a client on Smack that takes advantage of IM Gateways?

Well I can tell you that it would be a great idea for a document to add to the community when we move to the new igniterealtime site. (Jive has a beat of it up and I’‘m quite excited about it!) Generally you’'ll just want to follow XEP-0100.

I guess what I’‘m getting at is that I don’‘t know Smack well enough to tell you. (I only minimally investigated it so far and someone else submitted the code for the XMPP and GTalk transports) You might actually want to check the Smack Dev forum … (if there is one?) they might have a doc there somewhere that I don’'t know about.

Ok, will do… I’'ll let you know if I find anything. Thanks!