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Using Smack to Automatically Send a Message

The basic premise is that at the place I am interning at there is a machine that does a lot of the processing of big projects. When this machine goes down (which happens from time to time) no one knows until it has been checked on again. Because we already have company wide Spark set up, I was tasked to create a system that would detect when the machine is down and would then send an alert message to a few people from a contact list.

I have many questions, but the one most pertinant now is: Can I install smack onto just one machine and use its messaging services to send messages to others who do not have smack installed (all the machines still have Spark)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

After reading some more, is this the case: smack is underneath spark?

I guess I basically want to know if smack classes and methods are available to me. I had never heard of either of these things before today so please excuse my ignorance. I am still a fairly underdeveloped programmer with some python, java, and a little scheme under my belt. Again, any help would be great.

Yes, Spark is built using Smack. Check the projects pages for the details of what each project does or is used for.

You cannot install Smack and use its messaging services, it is a library so it is used to develop messaging clients and services (like Spark).

First of all, thank you for the reply, I really appreiciate it.

I’m still waiting for an IT guy to get my computer fully functional so I haven’t started this project yet.

I’ll be back with more questions I’m sure.