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Using Spark and a web phone client?


*I urgently need a plugin that enables *

Making calls from our web pages to our spark client.

*i saw Red5phone and SIP phone plugins, *

Which is suitable for us and which one do you advise us?

Best Regards,


I do not believe either will work for what you are trying to do. But then again I may not understand what you are trying to do. Both the plugins you mention allow spark to make voice calls of varying types and degrees. They do not get loaded onto a webpage to allow calls to spark. Additionally any interaction with the chat server will require a login or an anonymous user account on openfire, and a roster of users they can chat with.

I want my

WEB SITE visitors can make voice calls to SPARK messenger or another application.

(I saw the **red5phone **app. and i think it may be somthing i am searching for)

best wishes,


again they cannot make voice calls to your spark users from your website. those plugins are for spark. additionally they would have no way of connecting to a spark user as they would not have a roster of spark users, nor would they have access to the openfire server from a standard webpage.



*you may want to help me how i can make it huh ? *

WebSite --> (voice call) --> messenger/spark/another app.

Best Wishes,


what you are trying to do is not possible to the best of my knowledge.

*it is possible, even if without spark client.

*instead of

*Website Voice Call to Spark

*Website Voice Call to another app.

best wishes,


Well good luck trying figure out how some anonymous person on a website can make a website voice call to a spark user without a roster of spark users to route it to.