Using the IM Gateway


I have installed the IM Gateway and am a bit unsure as to how to connect to msn.

Under Server->Gateways I have checked off for MSN MEssanger. I have run the tests
Connect to host:
Connect to port: 1863
and this test gives success

Under settings I check off for
Enable buddie icons
reconnect on disconnect (3 attempts)
Port: 1863

Under permissions I set All users can register and I do not check Strick login permission

In the registrations I add my xmpp user(JID), I select the MSN gateway and enter
my username ( and password and select a nick.
when I add and connect with this JID the user appears online
but under Service/username its gray and it sais that Ive never been onlineā€¦
is there any additional things I have to do?

appreciate some help

generally speaking I have more success adding the gateway user accounts directly from the spark client. The icon for the gateway should show just above your roster. Click on it and add your information.

Yea got it to work