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Using the regular password field in the SQL Database

I am using the latest version of Openfire–downloaded yesterday.

I’'m running the server on MS Windows, with SQL Express 2005 server.

I noticed in the jiveUser table, there is a column for password, and a column for encrypted password.

I am building a member profile system in Visual Basic flavored ASP.NET. I want the member profiles to use the same login as the Openfire Server. I want to disable the registration feature on the server, and have users register via the site, which creates a login that works for both openfire and the user profile system.

I do not want to use http in order to pass this information to Openfire. It is an unsecure method of creating users. There’'s no sense in having a seperate user table for my website.

My reading tells me that the encryption for the passwords are based on blowfish encryption. Is there a wiki or documentation anywhere on how to do this?

I know there is a config file that would allow you to use another database. I do not want to use that. I want to have a registration form I can develop that will create users in the jiveUser table without having to store the information in two places or pass information in unsecure fashion over http: What are my options?


all plugins like the User Service plugin work also via https (port 9091 of the admin console).

The Java source code of Openfire is free available but I guess that it will be very complicated to port the password encryption to vb.net.