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Using the tools - access to a LIVE chat instead of a Forum

this is an IM - instant messenger forum … but can we use the tool that we are talking about. I mean can we logon to a LIVE chat .?.. to ask some of the quick quesitons … like what do I do when… how do I do this.

more over … can you we have some users try to log on to the uses IM servers as maybe the admin to review and offer different suggestion … or just test out a client usability ???

I am trying to find answer of how we can maybe work better…

Say a server is working and up …then why not test it out live if there is not any private issues.

I would also be interested in the version of “client” that other are using with openfire …

There is a Live chat with the developers and forum members every wednesday at 1PM Eastern Time. It can be accessed via this site while using firefox or safari (internet explorer does not work so well).

I use Spark and iChat with my openfire server.

can you tell us more…

so we can use spark - but how? …what ip address domain? or what settings?..

Any instructions for firefox ?.. I would expect you need to load a plugin? What plugin? and then have some settings inputted? …

Thansk in advance

in spark the chat server is igniterealtime.org. the conference server is conferences.igniterealtime.org. From the web page go to igniterealtime.org on any wednesday with a compatible browser and there will be link on the orange navigation bar to join the chat from 1-2 PM eastern time. you need flash. This is the direct URL: http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp