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Using Video with Spark?

So far I have to say my experience with Openfire and Spark have been fantasic! Very easy and very user friendly. However…

How do I initiate or receive a video chat using spark?

In the spark preferences, there is Media Settings | Video device which correctly identifies my video device and there are Audio Codecs selected.

It seems like everything is ready to go, but still I can’t find a way to initiate a video chat?

There is a Jingle Client plugin loaded by default when you install Spark. Is that related?



There is no video call option in Spark out of the box. You will have to find some other solution. You may search for Red5 plugin for Spark, but it can be hard to setup.

I was afraid of that.

Seems weird that they would have all those options without the functionality…

it is how open stuff works!, you can use redfire plugin if you are using the lates version. it is very easy to configure. for me openfire server is equalent to Micorosft’s instead of paying $$$ you will have a full source code if you are good enough programmer to change it. it is like freedom!