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V2 stats message traffic by user... sent / received count

I got a report that the message count did not seem consistent with the actual number of messages sent. As a test I sent a message to a account that idle, and when I checked the stats it reported I had sent 2 messages. The issue brought up was that a user sent only x amount of messages yet the stats showed many more messages sent/recvd then was thought to have been actually sent/recvd. Is it tracking something else other then just messages sent/recvd?

We count messages by implementing the interface PacketInterceptor. We only count messages that have been successfully processed. For the message traffic by user report, we are only counting messages with a packet type of “Message”. We register our interceptor using the following call:

org.jivesoftware.wildfire.interceptor.InterceptorManager.getInstance().addInterc eptor(interceptor).

I tested it with Spark 1.0.4. If I type a short message and quickly hit send, I see one message from me as well as one message from the idle user to whom I sent the message. If I type a long message slowly, then I see more messages probably because the recepient is receiving messages from me that I am in the process of typing a response. Could this explain the behavior that you are seeing?

What client are you using?



I tested with GAIM 1.5.0 and the person I im’'d to is using Pandion 2.5, as are most of the clients (20+) on our network. I think that would explain it (the messages that show the process of typing), I wonder if there is a way to turn that functionality off?

I guess it would depend on the client. Not sure which if any clients have the ability to turn off “xyz is responding…”. V2Stats doesn’'t provide the ability for the admin to specify which messages to not count. If a packet of type Message comes through, we count it.