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Valid useful suggestions after having used Spark and Wildfire for a while

Valid useful suggestions after having used Spark and Wildfire for a while

We use spark 1.1.0 on windows xp and wildfire 2.4.4 on linux redhat fedora

3 - video conferencing with webcams and voice with headsets (would this be a server side issue or a spark issue?)

6 - can you add pre established server side groups with all their associated members from the client? I add say admins on the client which exists on the server and has people associated with it… its like its creating a local admins group and does not populate… we do not want to force all groups on people as their client will get cluttered fast instead we would like to let them add who they want. (not sure if client side or server side issue)

7- User account request page… Instead of an auto enrollment page offer up a request for account page that will put the accounts pending an admins approval and all the admin has to do is maybe add a group or two from the one approve page and sanity check and approve the request which will in turn send an email to the user providing the link to the client and the install instructions along with credentials. oh forgot add them to a conf room maybe too… drop down menus are nice (meaning on the approve page).

8- hash the passwords in the mysql DB! (IMPORTANT)

9- Disable broadcasts on client and server or at least have the option to… 10,000 users abusing broadcasts might be an issue

10- Option to disable and or throttle file transfers… what if you have people over vpn links from home with limited bandwidth if they take it all up for file transfers it might pose problems for other users…

I cant think of any more at the moment hopefully these will be understood and deemed useful and very hopefully incorporate into the the new release of spark and wildfire hopefully to come out on monday. As you can say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one…

All the best… love your products so far…

PS the questions I wasnt sure if they server or client are in the spark forum too… apologies in advance for the duplicate posts.

  • Cliff AKA ChatmasterC at work lately lol


3.The developer are taking a look into VoIP currently but not video conferencing yet.

6.Please take a look into the admin cosole for how the grouping work. You will find the feature you request.

  1. I am not very clear what you want here. May be you might have better understanding of what you want and start coding yourself?

8.Hash the password inMySQL, the feature is already requested and developer are working on it.

  1. I don’'t think that the user can use broadcast options.

  2. options to disable file transfer is underway too.



3 cool thx… video would be awesome. I wish I knew how to write it lol

6 this is all i get in the admin console none of which to my knowledge accomplishes what I am trying to do.

Disable sharing group in rosters

Enable sharing group in rosters

Group Display Name

Show group in all users’’ rosters.

Show group in group members’’ rosters

Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups:

7 Would love to be able to code just have never had the time to delv into it… you ever use squirrel mail? I think it was a default option to request an email account… everything gets set an admin just has to click approve. I have a guy at work that might be able to do this… can we snag the registration plugin and enhance it?

9 tested this and yes they can use broadcasts tried the boradcast plugin to stop it to no avail after having tired many different approaches.




  1. You need to create a group first in that session and configured it to your liking. Then you go to the group summary and you will see the group. Then you can add members to the group there.

  2. You can always enhance the code. This is Open Source.

9.If you can describe how you have tested, it will help to help you.



6 I did that and it works now i advertize the group to its members (lets call this group 1)… someone else in another group (lets call this group 2) I want them to add group 1 and have its members be auto populated… like when you use find there is an option to search for server side groups and add them complete with all the associated users. I hope this is clear enough. We do not want to advertize all the groups to all the users as it will get quite cluttered very fast.

  1. will see what I can come up with. Who do i submit it to and how when we have something fucntional?

  2. I tested as follows (and set one and not the others and restarted the wildfire deamon a few times to no avail)

plugin.broadcast.serviceName = broadcast

plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions – false


plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed – false

plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers – admin


  1. It is not implemented yet. You can describe in detail how things can improve by providing such intuitive interaction (Which takes a lot of resources for such features, otherwise M$ would have outdone apple in such matter )

  2. I don’'t know if developers will take in your code or not but you can always post back your enhanced plugin and people who have the same needs as you do will appreciate it.

  3. you can follow this thread




I have just a few feature “requests” and though this seems like a personal thread, I think this is the place for this. First, however, I would like to congratulate the people who have developed both Wildfire and Spark. I find these products amazingly easy to install and use on both Linux and Windows and that only happens when people have done a lot of work to make it that way. Thanks!

Here are the features that would make me stop using any other product

  1. Sharing Applications- For me, one thing that that I love about some IM clients is the ability to share my screen with other users in an IM or conference (i.e. MS Office Communicator or Windows Messenger, ). I can share a particular application or my entire desktop and give any particular user control. This feature brings a lot of clarity to team conferences, where members can actually demonstrate their problem areas, new ideas, progress, etc, and allow other members to interact with them. It also works really well for troubleshooting problems with users, etc. Now, imagine being able to do this on platforms other than windows! If anyone can do it, I have to believe it’'s the Jive team.

  2. Video Conferencing - This was already mentioned, I’‘d like to second it. I think this is especially good for the older generations who are too used to seeing a person’‘s face when they talk to them to really latch on to IM, or for the poor typists of the world. I suppose VoIP should be included here, as well, and again, you’'ve already addressed that one.

  3. Public IM integration - Maybe this feature is already available, but I would like to migrate completely to the Spark IM interface, yet still be able to chat with my friends/family/clients etc who use other clients and other IM services like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, iChat, etc.