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Validating md5 base64 passwords on an oracle custom database


I m new on this proyect and I m trying to complete custom database integration with openfire 3.6.3.

On my oracle database I ve a password table on a md5 base64 encoding. I ve seen on the documentation that openfire only check pass on a hex-encoded MD5 hash. I ve two question

  1. Could I change this base MD5 hash on any propertie in openfire.xml file?

  2. If 1 is not possible. In what part of the code I need to change this?

thanks in advance


JDBCAuthProvider.java is the file which you want to patch. Anyhow md5 hashes usually contain the characters 0-9a-f - so it makes little sense to encode them as base64.

In any case you may want to test everything with non-ASCII characters because hashing or encoding of native encoded characters produces other values than hashing or encoding UTF-8 encoded characters.