Various Spark Issues & Questions


I thoguht i’d roll all this into one thread to save cluttering up the forum/s.

  1. Is there a Spark MSI available anywhere? And if so, is there also a way to deploy it with a standard set of settings (such as registry enteries, GPOs, XMLs, etc; ).
  2. Is it possible to preset Spark to have a specific list of users within the user list? Perhaps based on AD groups? So if your in Group X, you get all of group X automatically on your user list.
  3. SSO possible? Im assuming so, but ive read there are problems with Windows7 & SSO.
  4. The search box on the bottom of Spark, ‘Unable to contact search service’, any ideas how to fix that?

My basic aim is to deploy Spark to the entire network with preset options/preferances, so that it automatically signs in for people on login, and in addition to the users they add themselves, it automatically adds specific AD groups of people as well. Making the whole thing very seemless for users.

Thanks in advance all.

if you’d used the forum search you wouldn’t have to post, therefore not cluttering up the forum

  1. no create your own, build.xml contains a target for it

  2. yes, shared rosters in openfire

  3. yes, and yes problems with win7

  4. add the search plugin to openfire

Good intro to the forum that :wink:

  1. Is there any information around about build.xml ?

  2. As above

  3. So theres no definitive way to do it, its a suck it and see thing?

  4. Its already there, but still not working.

Sorted the rosters, did it with AD groups.

Just the other three now…

Bizzarely now, some users arnt picking up the new groups, only some of them…permissions are the same though…

  1. You can try Advanced Installer, or any MSI repackaging tool you can find. There is no one and best solution for this so far.

  2. Have you restarted Spark after adding Search plugin to Openfire? You can also restarting Openfire itself.