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This plugin copies data from vCards into the OFUSER table. This may be useful if the users want to register them self and can’t add data to the OFUSER table which is used by the search service. This can of course be abused by every user by entering wrong data in the vCard if the vCard is not read-only. It does as far as I know not work with external user providers as Openfire has only read-access to such sources.


Copy vcard2ofuser.jar into the plugins directory of your Openfire installation. The plugin will then be automatically deployed. To upgrade to a new version, copy the new vcard2jiveuser.jar file over the existing file.


There are four properties which can be set (not yet tested):

plugin.vCard2JiveUser.NameField=/vCard/N/GIVEN, ,/vCard/N/FAMILY


These two properties are XPathes and strings, separated with ‘,’. To insert a ‘,’ one needs to add ‘,’ to the expression, for “Lastname, Firstname” the expression looks like

plugin.plugin.vCard2JiveUser…NameField=/vCard/N/FAMILY, ,/vCard/N/GIVEN

One can also these expression also within the EmailField to add there other information and not the email address.


This property defines how long the plugin will wait before it will iterate over all existing vCards. If you experience high load during startup of your server you can delay the start to 10 minutes with:


To disable the looping process set this to a negative value, this plugin will then only process new or changed vCards.


This property defines how long it will wait after processing a vCard. With a delay of 100ms it will process 10 or less users every second. This keeps the CPU low and is quite fast but one can set this to a lower value, especially on an SMP system.

Restart the plugin after adding or changing these properties.


The plugin verifies and modifies all user data during initialization and on every vCard change.

Enable the debug log to log all changes the plugin does.

(zip file contains the source code) is the source code for Openfire 3.6.5 / 3.7 and due to logging not compatible with a previous version of Openfire. It also contains a newer readme file.

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This is cool, but I’m looking for the exact opposite. I’m not much of a Java programmer but I think it would be a great idea to synchronize the JiveUser to the vCard or is that even possible?