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vCard mappings and 3.2 Upgrade

I have recently upgraded my testing environment to 3.2; we have been using LDAP providers for users and groups, and previously there were no vCard mappings set in the wildfire.xml. Users were able to edit their profile information and add work phone #, mobile phone #, job title, etc. information on their own.

After upgrading 3.2, the default vCard mappings were entered by going through the “Profile Settings” wizard screen on step 2 (User Mapping). If this way, the information is pulled from Active Directory, and is not user-editable / read only (of course).

I have tried removing the entire section from the wildfire.xml to no avail; in this situation, Spark reports that vCards are disabled.

How can I get all of the old profiles (presumably stored in the database) back? I’'m guessing I sohuld be able to plug something into the field or change/add a provider line somewhere…


Does anyone know of any vCard configuration options beyond the LDAP mappings, at all?

Hey Matt,

Search for in your conf/wildfire.xml file and delete it. Restart the server and Wildfire will now read/write vCards from the database as it was before.


– Gato