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vCard Mappings for Active Directory for Openfire 3.6.x and above

The default Active Directory vCard mappings provided during the setup of openfire are incomplete. Below is the vCard mappings for a business that will provide a nearly complete vCard. To make changes to the default mappings edit the system property ldap.vcard-mapping. If you wish to allow avatars for the users of AD LDAP you need to enable/add the system property ldap.override.avatar and set it to true.

<vCard xmlns="vcard-temp"><N><FAMILY>{sn}</FAMILY><GIVEN>{givenName}</GIVEN></N><EMAIL><INTERNET/><USERID>{mail}</USERID></EMAIL><FN>{displayName}</FN><NICKNAME>{displayName}</NICKNAME><PHOTO><TYPE>image/jpeg</TYPE><BINVAL>{jpegPhoto}</BINVAL></PHOTO><ADR><HOME/><STREET>{homePostalAddress}</STREET></ADR><ADR><WORK/><STREET>{postOfficeBox}</STREET><LOCALITY>{l}</LOCALITY><REGION>{st}</REGION><PCODE>{postalCode}</PCODE><CTRY>{c}</CTRY></ADR><TEL><HOME/><VOICE/><NUMBER>{homePhone}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><VOICE/><NUMBER>{telephoneNumber}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><CELL/><NUMBER>{mobile}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><PAGER/><NUMBER>{pager}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><FAX/><NUMBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}</NUMBER></TEL><TITLE>{title}</TITLE><URL>{wWWHomePage}</URL><ORG><ORGNAME>{company}</ORGNAME><ORGUNIT>{department}</ORGUNIT></ORG></vCard>

It works partially on Server 2003, I had to remap the { postOfficeBox} section to reflect the actual field the address is stored in -> {streetAddress}. Once that was mapped, the addresses filled the field correctly. If I find anything else, I will post it. Thanks.

Can you please tell me where, in AD2003, you are storing the photos? I find a lot of info about using avatars in AD2008 and Exchange 2010 but not an all '03 AD. Thanks!!

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I don’t store them in AD, I store them within the SQL database, much easier than trying to store them in AD. If you want them in AD, you actually have to convert your images into a binary file and then use that to map to each user specified. A big pain in the rear. Just use the ldap.overide.avatar in the openfire settings = true. This will store all your images within the DB.