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Vcard saving and loading worked for anyone using smack and openfire?


i am trying to save VCard for logged in user.server in my case is OpenFire with default database.

though calling ,


not giving me any exception .

i am not able to load the vCard for that user , log statement on call to

vCard1.load(connection); is No card for username .

has anyone tries anything on this before please share some pointers .


also what i have observed , vcard i am saving from my android client is reflecting on the spark client. i can see photo and other information i have set from myclient.

packet from the server is just info query packet and gives ClassCastException in the load method of the VCard class.

from what i have seen spark is using same package org.jivesoftware.smackx.packet.VCard; , so what else might be required ?

can i see server side logs for these things ?