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VCard.setAvatar(Byte[] bytes)/(Url url)/(Byte[] bytes, String mimeType) Not work


File f=new File(“C:/testIcon/action2.jpg”);

BufferedImage o=ImageIO.read(f);

ByteArrayOutputStream b=new ByteArrayOutputStream();

ImageIO.write(o, “jpg”, b);

byte[] img=b.toByteArray();


Url example

vCard.setAvatar(new Url(http://www.adiumxtras.com/images/thumbs/adiumtwit_twitters_icon_for_adium_1_3197 1_7892_thumb.png));

The absense of an error message is odd. What does getAvatar() return?

PS Thhis seems to be a Smack issue and not related to Openfire.