VCard Source LDAP and DB?


I get the vcard nickname from LDAP. It works fine. But it is possible to setup other informations from database like birthday or photo?

Wildfire has the table jiveVCard but how can I fill this? Any examples?



JM-773 should allow one to display the photos using LDAP. And JM-460 is the general LDAP to vCard mapping issue. Both issues should be solved for Wildfire 3.1 which should be released the 7th September.



thanks for your answer.

But I can’'t use LDAP for authentification and the MySQL database for save and read the vcard info?

Hi Stephan,

I don’'t like bad English and questions starting with “but”. Did you take a look at JM-460 “Allow vCard fields to be stored in the database instead of retrieved from LDAP.”? This is, if I did understand your “but”-question right exactly what you want.

So you will get rid of provider.vcard.className=org.jivesoftware.wildfire.ldap.LdapVCardProvider


thanks… and sorry for my english.

The features are’‘nt in the beta of Wildfire 3.1 or I’'m wrong? I can see the features in the final version 3.1?

Rigth, solved issues look like JM-1

and 3.1 will be delayed