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Very slow user creation and deletion in admin console

Hi Guys,

**Problem **

Deleting and creating a user can take on average 2-5 minutes to complete. This is occuring through the admin console and also the inventory application we make which allow users across companies to chat.

There are no other reported or logged performance problems.

This problem has been reported since circa 2009 under openfire 3.6 by the admin at the time.

Infact it was running 3.6 until recently when i took over and updated it to the latest release 3.8.*, which hasn’t made a difference.

We have just under 2,000 users registered on the server and on averge 1,300 online at any one time during the day.

We use the Registration plugin to assign everyone to the same group and so that all users can see and chat to anyone else on the server.

This was a design decision some years ago which i’m not sure it was correct given through testing on a development system a low volume of users and inturn them having small rosters the problem doesn’t occur.

I’m hoping i’m missing something in the configuration that would speed up the creation/deletion process.

I have to say i don’t fully understand the process of each action, but i can see with the postgres query logging turned on it appearing to check and update update every users roster.

Worst case senario the implmentation is flawed and we shouldn’t be lumping all users into the same group with each user having effectively a 2000 user roster.

Any insight would be greatly recieved and let me know if theres anymore info you need.


Openfire: 3.8.2

Plugins: Fastpath Service and Webchat, Load statisic, Monitoring Service, Registration, Search, User Service.

Java: 1.7.0_45 Oracle Corporation – OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

DB: psql (PostgreSQL) 8.4.13

Running on a: 8 Core, 16GB Centos 6.4 Xen VM.


Yes, the massive shared roster will cause this slowness as that has to be updated sequentially.