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Very strange roster/groups problem

We’‘re running 2.2.2 on Win2003 server using SQL 2000 and AD. It’'s been running fine for weeks, I updated to 2.2.2 about 3 days ago.

We use AD for authentication only and have an IM group in AD. Anyone in this IM group appears as a JM user.

We use JiveMessengers built in shared groups and add different users to these groups but set the groups to appear in everyone’'s roster.

Again this has been working fine for weeks. I’'ve added lots of new users with no issues.

We’'ve just had a new starter and added this to AD, fine. Joined the IM group, fine. He appeared in the Jive list of users. all good so far.

The problem started when I added his user ID to an existing Jivemessenger group. Normally when I do this everyone’'s roster is updated immediately. Not this time, only about 50% of the users saw him. When they logged out and back in to jive he was there in the roster.

When I actually log this user in to Jive using pandion 2.1.2beta he’'s only seeing about 50% of the online users!

I tried removing him from the JM group, and then the AD IM group and putting him back in but then all sorts of strange things started happening. People started getting messages that random users had removed them from their roster, even users who had never logged in or weren’'t part of a group. Completely unrelated groups to the one I was working with was having issues.

I tried deleting the group this user was in (technical) and re-creating the group but everytime someone from that group logs in now they are repeatedly told they’'ve been removed from lots of different peoples rosters.

I’'m also seeing users appearing in the “contacts” group in pandion that would normally be in a shared group with a status of “unknown”. If I delete them from there they come straight back.

I’‘ve know idea what’'s happened and would be happy if I could reset everyones roster to just use the shared groups.

Any ideas what’'s gone one?


Using the above setup, is there an easy way to just clear out the groups, reset everyone’'s rosters and start again by creating the shared groups from scratch?



I think i had similar problems like you have:


Well, i tried some other ways, but the best was to fill DB from scratch…